Shooting Journal: Glen Helen Wildflowers

Glen Helen Nature Preserve, in Yellow Springs, Ohio provides acres of wooded walking areas, an ecology center for nature education, and a Raptor Center that rescues and treats injured birds of prey. The eponymous yellow spring still flows and there are streams, waterfalls and wildlife. This spring was the best I've seen for wildflowers which carpeted the hillsides.

The Glen Helen Association sponsors a calendar contest each year and you often see people with cameras hiking the area, although the steep trek into and out of the Glen makes carrying a tripod interesting. While it is hard to get a photo accepted, I always try and this year the wildflowers offered lots of lovely options.

Those I could identify included Dutchman's breeches, large flowered trillium, bloodroot, mayapple, spring beauty, sessile bellwort, & wild phlox. There were others that could have been either marsh marigolds or lesser celandine. During one visit, my husband & I found a great blue heron fishing in one of the streams.

Large Flowered Trillium

Large Flowered Trillium
Trillium grandiflorum. A wildflower walk in Bill Yeck Park, south of Dayton, Ohio, led to the discovery that this is one of the most prolific spring seasons in many years.


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