Shooting Journal: Wildflowers

April 12, 2010

Despite its closeness to the city of Dayton, the small city of Oakwood has a number of small parks that are oases of quiet and green space. This spring was the most impressive for the display of wildflowers in the various parks - Hills & Dales ( one of the Five Rivers MetroParks ) , Elizabeth Gardens, Friendship Park and Loy Gardens.. Photo ops abound.

April 12, 2010

Bill Yeck Park is easy to miss. The small parking lot doesn't reflect the depth of this long park that fits between the more developed areas of the township. The stairs into the park lead down to an open field. By following along the left side of the field, we came to a path that led across a stream, through the woods and up and down hills.

April 7, 2010

Glen Helen Nature Preserve, in Yellow Springs, Ohio provides acres of wooded walking areas, an ecology center for nature education, and a Raptor Center that rescues and treats injured birds of prey. The eponymous yellow spring still flows and there are streams, waterfalls and wildlife. This spring was the best I've seen for wildflowers which carpeted the hillsides.